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Our mission is to professionally represent our clients with honesty, integrity and efficiency. 

For over 20 years, Wilkinson Law Firm has represented lenders and creditors of all sizes in debt collection, bankruptcy, and other related litigation in both state and federal courts throughout Mississippi.    

The firm also specializes in real estate title including both residential and commercial transactions up to $100mm and serving as general counsel to Home-Land Title in Flowood, Mississippi.  The firm has much experience in both real estate title litigation and probate matters.    

Wilkinson Law Firm has extensive knowledge of homeowner association law and operations representing over 50 community associations of all sizes. 

The firm has represented buyers and sellers in both mergers and acquisitions

(asset and equity) ranging in size from $10k to $50mm.       





We encourage you to contact us for additional information regarding

our practice and qualifications. 




We strive to remain respected and compliant in the industry by investing considerable resources implementing policies and procedures to comply with state and federal laws and regulations.  Client information is maintained in a safe, secure, and convenient manner with scheduled electronic case updates, 24-hour online access, and electronic client merging of data.  Our upgraded secure physical facilities, major investments in technology and regular internal and external audits, ensure we can protect our clients’ confidential data and information.   

We welcome you to visit our facilities and learn more about what we are doing to meet today’s high standards for practicing law. 


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